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Site Audit – Organic on-page SEO consulting

The site audit I provide is a review of a website or section of a website for the purpose of achieving optimal levels organic search engine traffic. The report may contain instructions in how to apply best practices in content, review of page elements that may affect the usability of the site, a review of topics covered across the site, the optimal use of HTML and CSS elements to improve the ranking performance of the web pages and a review of technical issues that may affect the crawling of the site. Detailed instructions will be provided on how to improve the site should any deficits be discovered. Areas of focus:

  • User experience
  • Site architecture
  • Mobile usability
  • Content & usability review
  • Critical issues

User Experience

User experience has become one of the most important factors for increasing site traffic and sales. The reason for this is because search engines are increasingly incorporating user experience type metrics into their algorithms. Google’s Quality Raters Guidelines uses the phrase User Experience twenty three times! User experience is an important factor to get right. I have been in the forefront of understanding how this fits into search marketing for the purpose of increasing name recognition, search traffic and sales. Consider this: Most consumers only visit a handful of websites every day, that’s it. It’s mind boggling to consider that even though the Internet is the biggest it’s ever been, most people only visit a handful of sites.  I can show you how to create a quality user experience that can make your site one of those sites consumers turn to for your services or products.

Site architecture

A good site architecture is important so that the major sections of a website can rank well as well as help the lower level pages to rank. A well-structured site architecture will help a site convert better (produce more sales) and assist in obtaining better search traffic.

Mobile usability

Mobile usability is important since over 50% of Internet content is consumed via mobile devices. The fact that most people spend more time on apps than consuming Internet content while on mobile underlines the importance of getting this channel right. User experience is the most important consideration for sales and doing better with the search engines.

Content review

This has taken on importance beyond simple keyword selection. Over optimized or cookie cutter (SEO) content can cause a web page to resemble an attempt to manipulate the algorithm, which can cause Panda problems. There are a host of issues that can affect content that no automated software can help you with. My fifteen years of unique experience and breadth of understanding will help you understand if there are any issues with your content. But not only that, I can also suggest new strategies if necessary that I believe will help your organization cultivate more traffic and sales.

Critical issues

Critical issues consist of a range of factors such as algorithm penalties, poor inbound links or outbound links, CMS issues, third party software issues,  server software, and many other vulnerabilities that can precipitate an algorithm penalization or a hacking event.


The deliverables typically consist of a document detailing issues discovered, a proposal for solutions, and if needed, innovative search marketing strategies that conform to best practices as understood today. I may also suggest improvements in usability, content and conversions. The size of the deliverable varies according to the project, which also includes spreadsheets and addendums addressing individual URLs and their detailed issues.

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