martinibuster is Roger Montti.

Roger Montti is an Internet marketing expert with 20 years of experience.  Originally from San Francisco, CA, he now resides in Western Massachusetts.

  • Building and promoting websites since 1999.
  • In 2004 accepted invitation to become a moderator at the prestigious web marketing community WebmasterWorld.com.
  • Has presented at most important Internet marketing conferences since 2005
  • Cited in major industry news sites and blogs
  • A VIP Contributor to SearchEngineJournal.com, a leading industry news organization.
  • Consultant to major corporations and organizations worldwide

Search Marketing Consulting
I have consulted for major Fortune 500 companies across the United States and for companies around the world.  It is my experience ranking websites since 1999  and keeping up to date with the latest algorithm research that informs my expertise and insights.

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Industry Leader
Roger Montti is an acknowledged expert, a sought after speaker and article contributor.

Areas of expertise:

  • Diagnosing ranking problems
  • Link building
  • Organic search marketing.
  • Conversion optimization
  • Influence marketing
  • User experience

From Search Engine Journal: “Roger is an expert link builder, one of the best you’ll find in the entire SEO industry. Roger has been able to break barriers when it comes to link building and get links from just about anywhere.”

Search marketing conferences:
I have spoken at the following leading search marketing conferences 

  • SMX New York
  • SMX Advanced Seattle, WA
  • SMX West San Jose, CA
  • PubCon Internet Marketing Conference in Las Vegas
  • PubCon Austin, TX
  • PubCon Dallas, TX
  • PubCon New Orleans, LA
  • PubCon Orlando, FL
  • Affiliate Summit West, Las Vegas, NV
  • Affiliate Summit East, New York, NY
  • Search Engine Strategies, San Francisco, CA

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How can I help you?

Articles in Search Engine Journal:

Full list of published articles:

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Site Audit

I have extensive experience diagnosing ranking problems and diagnosing on-page organic issues. My review is comprehensive, focusing on the code, site architecture, conversion issues, your link strategy, outbound links, current on-page optimization and suggestions on how best to implement advanced SEO techniques that I may suggest. Contact: roger@martinibuster.com

Link training

I provide link training specific to your industry. Building quality links that help a site cultivate more sales is a difficult process. Spurious and ineffective ideas abound. You need someone to guide you toward an effective strategy that is appropriate for your business. Take advantage of my nearly two decades of experience in developing and creating strategies across a wide range of industries. Contact me today.

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