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As promised, I’ve created a page to host most of the presentations I’ve given at search conferences and the like. These files are in PDF format. I will be adding more on a regular basis so please check back!

A note about the presentation downloads
These files are not complete tutorials. I use short bullet points to introduce the talking points and actually talk the talking points rather than read them. The least effective presentations are the ones where someone stands at a podium and reads their PowerPoint. The power is in the talk. That is why the presentation slides leave out the talk and consist mainly of the point. 😉

The downloads

February 25, 2016
Here is the link to download Google’s Quality Rating Guidelines (PDF)

This is the PDF version of my Meetup Presentation about the Quality Rating Guidelines.

Classic SEO vs User Experience
Click here to download the presentation (PDF)
Date: Boston SEO Meetup Tuesday September 15, 2015
Description: This presentation presents a background of the evolution of search engine algorithms and outlines how Google has steadily been working toward understanding the meaning of a web page and using that meaning to match it to user search queries. I suggest that because search engines have moved beyond simply matching words in a search query to the same words on a web page, that we should reconsider whether some of the standard Classic SEO tenets still apply. Furthermore, I outline how User Experience factors have come to play an important role in which web pages are shown in the search results pages and suggest tactics that you can use to help insure that your web pages convert and work better to increase sales, are enjoyed by site visitors, become more link worthy and in turn are ranked better by the search engines, particularly Google. Podcast Interview
Click here to download the podcast (MP3).

Date: July 10, 2015
Description: You may also enjoy a Podcast on a similar topic that was published on the Marketing Nerds show by Search Engine Journal . A conversation with me on the topic of classic SEO, how User Experience factors are playing an increasing role, plus assorted anecdotes and tips from my over sixteen years of experience working on the Internet.
The Marketing Nerds web page for that podcast episode is here.
Links to documents that I discuss in the show:

Link Building Fundamentals SMX East New York City
Click here to download the presentation (PDF)
Date: September 30, 2014
Description: This was a solo presentation on the first day of SMX East in New York City. I really love this presentation. It is dense with information and links to scientific research and authoritative citations that support the assertions and statements. This is a good introduction to link building, with true actionable strategies that will give you ideas of directions to turn to, like a wind in your sail.

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Site Audits and Link Strategy Training

A site audit is a review of your current site. Everything from HTML to site architecture, interlinking within pages, duplicate content (including titles), mobile friendliness, mixed secure/insecure content, and page speed. What I’m looking for is anything that will trigger a spam flag, anything that will cause the site to not be properly indexed, anything that will cause the site to rank less better than it should (for example, sub-optimal titles or needless 301 redirects).

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