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I will be rolling out a free newsletter that contains basic link building information and news sometime in the near future.

Subscribe to the Advanced Link Building Newsletter featuring link strategy advice, analysis of current link trends and in depth discussion and full details- nothing held back. The strategies I share are the same techniques that I use for my own sites and for client projects. No tricks. No black hat. No gray hat. These are strategies I use to successfully increase sales to client sites that are in a variety of niches such as ecommerce, legal and corporate B2B. Solid, time tested techniques that work for organizations that are in it for the long term.

Two to three times a month you will receive a newsletter featuring Advanced Link Building Strategies that can be applied to enhance your own projects and give you ideas for new directions to take. Every email features useful information that will ramp up your link building so that it is more successful. The cost is only $8.95 per month for two to three emails per month. A subscription pays for itself.

Jim Boykin Jim Boykin
“I’ve known Roger Montti (martinibuster) for about 10 years now. I’ve learned tons from Roger over the years through (where Roger is the Link Building Moderator) and through conferences where I’ve heard him speak. I can’t wait to get more knowledge through his newsletter!”Bill Slawski
Bill Slawski “Roger Montti has been one of the strongest and steadiest voices at Webmaster World and in the Search and SEO industry over the past decade and more. As a thought leader, Roger always has a creative and informed opinion on changes at the search engines, and in making websites highly visible and effective. If you’re looking for useful information based upon thoughtful research and sound experience, look no further.”Scott Polk, CEO of MarketingNomads.comScott Polk
“Roger Montti (Martinibuster) has to be one of the best minds regarding link acquisition techniques in the industry. His outreach strategies have helped my internal teams and clients for years. I highly recommend listening to what Roger has to say about links as he is at the forefront of innovation and practice.”

Each email features  one  or more of three sections:
a. From the Top Shelf
b . Total Disclosure

c. After Hours.

What to expect
The topics covered are Advanced Strategies that will help you:

1. Improve your email open rate

2. Improve the conversion rate of your email outreach

3. Learn how to build free links to your site.

4. How to go beyond simple “competitor research” and break out into fresh link building opportunities

5. Specific search patterns

6. Examples of outreach templates

7. Advanced discussions of algorithms relative to link building

Total Disclosure
My blog posts are pretty useful but I always hold back specific details. The newsletters feature total disclosure. You will not read anything similar anywhere else. Nothing is said between the lines, it’s all laid out in complete detail. This newsletter is the only place you can find this kind of information.

Marketing trends & scientific research
Exclusive discussion about current Internet Marketing trends and explanations in plain English of various algorithms designed to catch link spam that will add to your current knowledge. This is the information I only discuss with close associates, never in public. Click the subscribe button below to get the newsletter!