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“Roger is an expert… one of the best you’ll find in the entire SEO industry. ”

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  • Roger Montti has been at the forefront of digital marketing since 2000.
  • Trusted by top companies worldwide.
  • Site audits, penalty recovery, and truly innovative link building strategies.

Site Audit

Trusted by businesses worldwide to provide innovative ranking advice.

Penalty Analysis

An expert with nearly 20 years experience
diagnosing and prescribing solutions.

Link Strategy

Custom link building strategy crafted specifically for your situation.

Author of the Advanced Link Building Newsletter

Roger Montti authors a popular link building newsletter by subscription only.  Features advanced link building tips that provide real-world insights into how to obtain links for your website.

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Hire an expert and thought leader with nearly 20 years experience.

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Latest Blog Posts

Can Your Content Pass a Hand Check?

The following is an old article originally published Monday August 1, 2005. It was about being realistic about the quality of your content. The "hand check" in the title is a reference to having a banned site manually evaluated by a human at Google or Bing.  It's...

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Why Pogo Sticking is Not a Ranking Factor

You're not alone if you fail to see the distinction between a ranking factor and a factor that was used to train the algorithm. However, this inability to comprehend the distinction has caused a lot of misinformation about how CTR is used in search algorithms. I will...

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Why Negative SEO isn’t Always Negative SEO

Theories about Fred and Phantom Have Been Discredited All the theories about "Fred/Phantom" were wrong. This is a fact. Those were not updates at all and they had zero to do with finding "quality" issues with websites. This has been confirmed out of Google. What...

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How to Explain Quirky Search Results

This article addresses the mystery of search results that don't make sense, such as top ranked sites with obviously paid links seemingly powering their rankings.  Some top ranked pages have weak backlinks and sometimes only a partial keyword match on the page. The top...

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