I have received numerous requests for a small business version of my personalized link building strategy document. Up to now my rates have not been affordable for many small businesses.  So I’m going to do a test.  I am offering a scaled down version of my regular link strategy document that is suitable for small businesses that need some direction and mentoring for building links. This mentoring document will review your past or current link building initiative and offer a critique. I will then offer suggestions on how to improve the link building or offer suggestions for a new direction.

My goal is to offer something of value to small businesses at a price that is affordable but also justly compensates me for the value of the information I am offering. Last year at SMX Advanced in Seattle, I participated in one-to-one 20 minute consultations. Twenty minutes might not seem like much time but both myself and those I consulted with were pleased. Each person I consulted with expressed full satisfaction and were inspired to take on their link building projects with the actionable advice I gave them. If I can do that much in twenty minutes for free, I believe I can do much more for small businesses at an affordable cost.

What the document does not offer

  • The document does not contain email templates
  • The document does not contain detailed step-by-step examples of searches
  • The document will not walk through the link building process from beginning to end

Here is what I am offering:

  • This document will be personalized specifically for your business.
  • The document will review your current link building program and offer suggestions for improvement
  • The document will suggest approaches I believe you should be taking to acquire links specific to your niche

Most small business people have the ability to acquire links. They just need a direction. From talking to hundreds of people about this over the years it is clear that what some people need is light mentoring so as to identify steps to take and once pointed in the right direction they are able to take it from there. This is what I am offering to you. In addition to the document I am also offering a thirty minute follow up by telephone (or Skype if you’re outside of North America).

If you are interested please contact me at my email address, roger at martinibuster.com and give me your URL and a short description of your link building to date. All information will be kept confidential. I will then let you know if I will take on your project.


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