The bright side of launching a new site is you aren’t burdened with the cement shoes of SEO marketing. Throw on a leather sportcoat, put on the business suit, pull on your fishing waders. Anything but the SEO wardrobe. Get into the mind of who your site visitors are. That’s where the search engineers are at.

1. Cultivating natural citations that are given without asking.

2. Creating content focused on a specific audience need.

3. Building relationships with related but not competitive sites

4. Conservative article outreach

5. Light reciprocal linking (I’m not joking!)

6. Link beg

7. Mobile Friendly Design

8. Social Sharing

9. Video content

All of the above, in combination and moderation, are methods for establishing authority, cultivating traffic, and making your site known. It’s been my experience that staying out of the Penguin Penalty Box is built into a link strategy that focuses on cultivating natural citations, sharing of content, word of mouth sharing, social sharing, and top of mind brand building, aligned with understanding how people are consuming your content via desktop, mobile, tablet, at home or on foot.

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