Link building can feel like digging a hole with a spoon. A common solution for improving results is to scale the process. But that’s digging a thousand holes with a thousand spoons. Scaling up does not necessarily address the issue at the heart of the problem: Low conversion rates. Conversion rates can be improved. A link campaign can become more effective when the following factors are taken in for a tune-up: Subject Line, Content, and the Conversion-Ready Website. Everything needs a tune-up at some point. So let’s get under the hood and start tuning things up!

The initial contact
Whether you are doing a blogger outreach, relationship building, promoting specific content, article outreach or an old school link beg campaign, your success begins and ends with your initial contact. The initial contact begins with the subject line of your email, before the recipient has even opened your email. The subject line of your email plays the most important role in campaign because it has to pass the first hurdle, persuading the person on the other end to read the message. Here are three considerations for improving your subject line:

1. Test if the subject line triggers junk folder algorithms

2. It helps for the subject line to be original. If you’ve seen similar subject lines in your own email box, chances are the effectiveness is wearing off.

3. Every kind of campaign is different. For some a direct message works best. For others a more vague subject line improves conversion rates. A/B test your campaign for which kind of subject line gets opened more frequently and most important, which results in a higher conversion rate.

The format should communicate your authority and then your proposal. Does the content communicate a “what’s in it for me” message? Review the content of the emails to remove any indications about what’s in it for you, it’s about the what’s in it for the recipient. Keep it short. The message should be direct.

Your website
Traffic to websites from mobile Internet devices hovered between 20-50% depending on the niche. If you want get links make sure the site is mobile friendly. Odds are the recipient will be viewing your content on a mobile device. Extra points if your site is touch sensitive on devices like an iPad. Making your site mobile and tablet friendly is going to help increase your conversion rate.

About Page
The About Page is critical to the link building process. Make sure it communicates authority.

That’s the outline for a link campaign tune-up. Stopping to review what works and what doesn’t will help improve your campaigns. The use of brute force methods such as repeatedly emailing the same person are obnoxious and possibly could violate laws in your country as well as the Terms of Service of your hosting company and domain name registrar. Focusing on improving your conversion rates over scaling up with a low conversion rate will help keep your campaign focused on quality links, which is highly important in light of recent penalizations and algorithm updates.

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