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“Roger is an expert… one of the best you’ll find in the entire SEO industry. ”

A leader in digital marketing

  • Roger Montti has been at the forefront of digital marketing since 2000.
  • Trusted by top companies worldwide.
  • Site audits, penalty recovery, and truly innovative link building strategies.

Site Audit

Trusted by businesses worldwide to provide innovative ranking advice.

Penalty Analysis

An expert with nearly 20 years experience
diagnosing and prescribing solutions.

Link Strategy

Custom link building strategy crafted specifically for your situation.

Author of the Advanced Link Building Newsletter

Roger Montti authors a popular link building newsletter by subscription only.  Features advanced link building tips that provide real-world insights into how to obtain links for your website.

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Hire an expert and thought leader with nearly 20 years experience.

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Latest Blog Posts

Toxic Links – Another SEO Myth

The phrase Toxic Links is commonly used to describe links that can negatively affect ranking. It is 100% true that particular links can be identified as manipulative and cause a site to lose rankings. There are other kinds of links that are random, like...

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Google Structured Data Tool Update

Google's Structured Data Tool Tester thingy updated a few weeks ago and is now asking for an image for structured data related to a business type and location. So if your structured data for your local business validated last month or earlier it probably might not...

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Domain Authority Does Not Exist

Many people assert that the concept of Domain Authority is real. But the fact is that there is no evidence that such a thing exists.  People might shout out loud about it but what speaks the loudest is a link to a scientific citation or an academic or scientific...

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Why 200+ Ranking Signals Matters Less

  You may or may not be aware that the concept of 200+ ranking signals is obsolete.  Few serious SEOs believe in it. There's a big fork sticking out of it. This article explores in detail why many of those 200+ signals do not matter and then I show you what does...

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