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Sleeper Spam Endangers Your Rankings – How to Fight Back

Posted on Jun 17, 2013 in community building

Google is penalizing sites that host User Generated Spam – How to get in front of the problem Google recently penalized Sprint for hosting spam links in the community section of their website. The AdSense program disabled ad serving on an online community that hosted spam links.  While it’s always been AdSense policy that web publishers conform to Google’s webmaster guidelines, turning off AdSense for being spammed by someone else is different from the norm.  For this reason it is important to understand what Sleeper Spam is and how to get control of it. If you host User...

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Fighting Forum Spam: Beware the Profile Builder Spammer

Posted on Sep 24, 2012 in community building

There is a method of forum spamming that’s been making the rounds for the past few years, it’s called Profile Builder Forum Spam. The idea is to circumvent getting banned for posting links to forum discussions. The way the forum spammers do it is by creating a member profile at a forum then making numerous posts, often to older discussions that have been around awhile. The idea is that the member name contains a link back to the member’s profile and that some link equity will flow from the discussion post to the profile and to the link to their site that is on that profile....

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How to Discourage Trolls in a Forum Community

Posted on Jan 24, 2012 in community building

When you read about trolls and negative behavior online, it is generally acknowledged that bad behavior is fairly common. While this is true, I strongly disagree with the point of view that this is the nature of online forums and communities. This is not true. The truth is that the admin of a community, the posting policies and the moderators set the tone and are directly responsible for the tone of the forum. Trolling, petty bickering and bad behavior is a sign of poor community management, not a character flaw in humans. I am not only a moderator at WebmasterWorld, but I am also the owner...

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